Over There, Over There!

Not a care, not a care!

It's just another thing happening... over there.

A mix of races separated from their travelling cases.

Foreign faces in distant places.

My my, what silly hats they wear, what's with all that facial hair? 

Look at how they stand and stare!

It doesn't really matter, we don't care, it's always happening to someone else, over there.

That'll never affect you & me, living oh so happily, in our lands of the free, hurry up my dear, turn that rubbish off the TV.

Dislike & Comment, I can say what I like, what are they going to do, reach me all the way over here on that broken old bike?

"Those far flung people with the queer headgears should have steered clear of those guys with the beards, who cares, I've just got this six pack of beer right here"

"I saw some cheap flights just the other day, why don't they just pack up, pack up and fly away, that's what I'd do if I had my way!"

I said a bad thing on the wire and now a man with a funny hat has set my house on fire!

I didn't think they had the internet over there, amidst the jungles and the sands aflare.

It must have been a mistake, one slipped through, it'll be alright though, stuff like this rarely happens to the likes of me & you.

Really?! This new insurance covers mad hatters?!

 Let's go and spend all this money on chocolate platters and stuff that really matters!

Let's remember to forget our cares and focus our time on plucking those hairs!

On the ground or in the air, fighting dirty, fighting fair,

We'll all just carry on without a care,

Here, have another pomme de terre

Let's just sit and stare,

Whilst it happens...

Over There, Over There!

- Richard Derbyshire

Escape Artist

Follow me to another place, far far away.

I'll be your virtual guide in a far off land.

We'll escape for a time you and I across the pond and over the hills, this reality is harsh and un wanting of us, let's huddle in our little bubbles, warmed by the plasma filled screens, watched over by the glare of glittering diodes, bask in the brilliance of worlds within worlds, for a time we can wander through the imagination of another, our admission was paid to the teller man who longs to be in another reality other than his own.


Thrust back into the real, the IV drip has been retracted, the umbilical cord has been cut... 

Tired eyes reflected back in the screen, a monitor tanned face in the mirror, eyes sunk deep into the skull, the world outside is a dark and desolate place but don't worry take my hand, I've got the keys for our great escape.

Follow me to another place, far far away.

I'll be your chemically enhanced guide, chase me down the rabbit hole, we'll scuffle and converse with many an odd fellow, we can play the spoons or have a game of darts on a flesh covered board, don't worry if you miss, I'll pick up the pieces, here throw another one, hey you... aren't you having fun? 

Why the frown?


Oh dear, that didn't work either, whats wrong with you?

Its almost like you want to be back there in that horrible place, didn't we do the nicest things together last time?

Is it me? 

It's me isn't it, I thought we had an agreement.

Didn't you know with me around you'll never need another friend, there's no need to be down, down down, my, are you coming down with something?

Ho hum, what a bore you've become, no fun, no fun!

Here have another dose, it'll all be fine, if thats not enough how about a nice glass of wine?

What do you mean you don't want anymore? 

It's too late to say stop.

You don't get to leave remember?

Take a long hard look at what you've become, look who has the key, its not me, you've become your own jailer, I only wanted to set you free, but now you've locked yourself out of the life you had before you and me became we.

I think maybe... Maybe its time for me to go.

Well I'm off, ta ta for now, good luck with your plans that never come to fruition, I'm off to offer my tuition to another of my own volition.

Follow me to another place, far far away,

I'll be whatever you need,

Your personal Houdini.

- Richard Derbyshire

My first time...

With another man.

At one time it was all so very new to me, it felt so exciting, like being in some sort of secret club, I got to wear all manner of outfits and mingle with people who under normal circumstances I would never have the pleasure of meeting, one man In the group stole my attention the moment I entered the room, like a bird of prey my gaze was fixed.

I made it my solemn goal of the evening to get in close to him, even though he didn't pay me the slightest glance of attention it didn't matter, I just wanted to be in his presence, an icy glass in hand, I looked the part, from a distance you'd believe I belonged there, like I was one of these "people", tonight was going to be special, it was a night of many firsts for me.

He liked a drink, that was evident in the way he swayed back and forth in between retorting in converse with the otherwise unimpressed mistresses of his associates, the ladies, if you could call them that, trying to remain attentive through disguised fear more than respect and adoration.

Eventually everything that goes in, must come out.

He stumbled away from the pack and made his way to the luxurious facilities, I made sure In those brief moments that we would be undisturbed, the owners of this establishment had been so kind as to install locks on not just the stalls but the main door, how convenient, alone now for a few fleeting moments, time to make my intentions clear to him, and him alone.

Skulking in the stalls I waited patiently for him to venture out for the wash basin, my heart skipped playfully in anticipation, the moment was at hand.. I was excited to say the least, mid flow amidst the steam and the damp I appeared in his reflected vision in his drunken state I must have been nothing more than a blur.

I could smell his expensive cologne trying to cover up what lay beneath, mildly saturating my senses with the masked stench that would make lesser men wretch, I thrusted up deep inside him, my breath against the back of his neck, there was a stifled moan as I twisted and turned burying within, I felt a judder as the foreign object I had so forcefully introduced into him punctured something vital, my thick gloves masking his mouth, the taste of real leather and now his own blood would be the last things to pass his lips this night.

Looking into the mirror the two of us stood there, liquids flowing, staring into each others reflection, he knew why he was enjoying my embrace that evening even if I didn't, the right price was all that mattered for this intimate service, I smiled for a moment but alas he did not have the stamina to play the gracious host to my company for much longer, we parted ways, he had shifted from his mortal coil and all that remained of him was a hollow man.

A gore soaked, decrepit, punctured, shell of a man.

Sliding back into his stall, I slumped him down onto his throne, resting his head gently against the wall, I left my parting gift in his back, it would seem a shame to remove it from him now, he'd become quite attached to it.

Being blessed with the foresight of practical fashion, for stain filled situations such as these, I had doubled up on clothing in the event of a spillage from my new acquaintance, after a quick change and a gracious bow, I exited stage left.


Jotted that down at 1am, I have some odd thoughts during the early hours.

One of my greatest fears is being stabbed in a public toilet...

Such fun XD